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Default 9611g Phone Screen Issues

Good morning!

I had a question regarding issues we were having with the Avaya 9611g phones, specifically regarding the Phone Screen display. Now just some quick background, our company doesn't have a Avaya Administrator, and apparently if they call in for support they get charged (no service contract), so they've asked me (network admin) to help and see if I can solve this issue before they have to call it in.

Basically, the issue is with how the Phone Screen displays the buttons. The phones initially came with an old application file (6_0_2 version). In this old setup, buttons that were provisioned for the phone screen also showed up on the features list screen. In other words, if you had say 6 buttons provisioned in the ASA, the phone screen would list all 6 buttons, whereas the features list screen would list only the last 3. After I upgraded the code to 6_2_2, this option disappeared, and now the phone screen will only list the first 3 buttons provisioned in the ASA, while buttons 4 and above are shown on the Features List screen. So this leads me to my question, how do I get it working the old way where the phone screen listed all the buttons, not simply the first three? Is it even possible.

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