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Default Baystack 5520 lost SNMP/Web access after adding route


We have this quite serious issue here with a (Nortel) Baystack 5520 switch.
This switch is VLAN configured and is also our core router with 4xstack 48ports.

I use the Device Manager with the devault community string to configure the switch.
This has worked for several months until now.

I accidently added a route like this
- route add mask
This route was added using Device Manager - IP Routes - without a problem
I saw my misconfiguration and pressed the delete button at the route line.

My SNMP access dropped and I could not regain access.
I tried the http interface but that also hang.
After a few http retries it even started giving a connection timeout.

I was only able to get in using Telnet.
I disabled and reenabled the snmp and web access functionality, but no use.
I ran the command
- show ip route
But after pressing ENTER this one also hung and I could not to anything in the telnet session. I opened some other telnet sessions and now I get "sorry, session limit reached". Even though I was pretty sure the telnet session timeout was set to 15, even after waiting 1 hour I still get that error message. Using other stations with DM or telnet is not working neither.

So now I have no possibility at all to get in, luckely everything still works.
I suppose it must have to do something with that misconfigured route.
There is 1 VLAN with interface but that has nothing connected to it.

I am scared to reboot this switch.
It will certainly need to happen during weekend.
But what if it after reboot it start failing.
How should I do the reboot of this stack, using a console cable to the master, press Control Y, and then select the reboot option?

If I restore the backup, will the switch stack know which switch has which stack number or is there a possibility that this gets messed up?

I could use some input, thank you very much.

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