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Default 9620 phones getting into discover mode

Hi friends !!
Am stuck here with a strange problem. My 9620 phones get into discover mode if i log them out. This is happening on a new site of mine which is connected to main site running 8730 in duplex CM 5.2.1 over the LAN. Phones are working perfectly fine when logged in. Only when i log out this problem occurs. Iam using the fw 3.1 on these phones.Find below some more clarity on the scenario:
DHCP string contains only the ip address of the HTTP/httpss server from where the phone picks up 46xx settings file. In the file itself i've given the MCIPADD=x.x.x.x, y,y,y,y where x=main server clan and y=LSP. I've got 6 CLAN's which are working perfectly fine in load balancing mode.
But the moment i logout a phone, it goes into discover mode within 30-40 secs discovering forst the x ip-address and then the y ip-address.Comes up again asking for login in another 30-40 secs and if no login is given again goes into discover. It keeps on doing this over and again.
I need to close this issue. Also iam not able to implement QKLOGINSTAT featue from 46xx file onto these phones. Iam using a value of 1 which means manual login each time but the phone still automatically logs in when restarted.
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