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Default Msg lamp on Vtech phones doesn't turn on when FAC is sent from Duvoice via SM to CM

I did a install at a popular hotel in Jamaica and the Message lamps are not turning on when a message is left in the Duvoice Messaging system.

The setup used is as follows:

MES server was used as the voice infrastructure and a Duvoice hospitality message system used for the VM.

Duvoice and CM 6.3.11 are connected to SM 6.3.14 using SIP trunks. The regular setup with Entity links, adaptations etc are used as the setup ( An application note was used for this).

Users are able to leave messages normal and the user can receive messages normal. Users are able to move messages from one room to another. The front desk is able to leave a text message for guest etc. The only issue I have is that the lamps are not turning on.

Now the "Leave word calling Send a Message" FAC is sent by Duvoice after a message is left. I can see the digits being sent to CM and CM sending an OK message back SM, however the lights still don't come on. If I however dial the FAC manually from a normal phone the lights works normal.

Anyone ever faced this issue?
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