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Default Loop IVR while waiting for agent answer.

I have attempted several ways to loop the call back IVR in a topic. I would like the timing being done on the task flow side to keep IVR ports from being used except when playing the call back IVR. When not check for call back I want the MoH in the task flow to play. I have use the following logics but I can only get it work the first time then it just plays hold music: (c.waitTotal %25)<24 and (c.waitTotal != 0) && ((c.waitTotal % 60) == 0) but neither seems to work. I have used both in with other customers and it work as expected but for some reason it will not work with this install I am doing. Is there a lock solid way to handle this timing in the task flow that I am missing or am I missing something. I seem to only have issues with those logics when I am going to an IVR. When I just do announcements in the task flow the logic seems to work fine.

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