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Default Aura CM 5.2.1 on VSP 1.1.1.x and S8300 LSP license issue

Hello All
I have System Platform 1.1.1.x with CM5.2.1, AES, SIP on a s8800 server.
S8800 is licensed ok.
I need to add the second remote site a S8300/G430.
I am trying to load the VSP 1.1.1 and it will not boot.
trying to load VSP 6.0.x.x it work but i cannot install CM 5.2.1
Loading CM 5.2.1 alone is ok too.
My question is if i load CM5.2.1 standalone how will i lecense it. PLDS of RFA
Going to RFA with my SAP i have nothing and in PDLS i have no entitlement for the same SAP.
If the main system in on a system Plat should i have my lsp running in Sys Plat too.?

Your comments are welcome.

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