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Hi audetd,

From your query text - "I have System Platform 1.1.1.x with CM5.2.1, AES, SIP on a s8800 server"
I am assuming that you are using MBT on S8800 server in the main location. Customer get license for MBT installs on PLDS and its the way going forward.

Now, for your LSP solution, you would have to go with a usual LSP - CM install on Kickstart Linux operating system rather than on System Platform. Licensing for CM 5.2 is done in RFA.
CM6 is the only version available on System Platform 6. There is no CM 5.2.1 standalone template available on System Platform.
If you are facing issues in finding license of LSP please contact Avaya Support to check on the licensing.

There is a LSP solution - CMRemoteEmbeded which has CM6 but this is for the customers having CM6 in the main location. This solution also has BSM - Branch Session Manager, which acts as a Survivability option for Session Manager in the branch location. This solution is installed on S8300D server only with G350.

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