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This will either be programmed directly from the external unit via some type of interface.. or dialed into and programmed from the pbx.
If the unit does nothing when you go off hook see below.

Im guessing it is analogue station on page 4 of the station form you can program a hot line destination.
So access the abbreviated dialing table... say "system" , add an entry for your group, go back to your station on page 4 in ABB dial list 1 enter "system" then reflect that setting and your group entry number in the hot line section.

Then as soon as the station goes of hook it will dial that group , but you may well face conflict if the unit is self programmed as it will send those digits....or you face an issue if the button is pressed by somebody.If this is the case you will need to get the model number and do some goole ninja activity.
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