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Smile Call Forwarding and Voicemail

I have 2 advertised extensions that will be covered by 1 person for an extended period. We run Aura R7. I have tried Enhanced Call Forwarding, unconditional for internal and external calls, tried simple Call Forward, tried Send All Calls. I can get the calls to go to the intended extension, but what I want to do is get all unanswered calls to hit just one voicemail box so the covering person doesn't have to chase voicemails.

Example: The extensions are X7411 and X6804. Both are advertised as HR lines for Benefits. X7411 will be vacant for some time. X6804 is covering for that position. I have tried everything I know to get the calls to that 1 person. The calls are easy. I can even add bridged appearances. But if the call to X7411 is unanswered, how do I get the call to go to X6804 voicemail? I would think Enhanced Call Forward sends all calls to X6804, but why not send to X6804 voicemail if not answered? I am hoping that I am just having a senior moment!

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