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Thank you for your response. I need another open phone line as we get multiple calls during the same time of day and don't want everything going to voicemail. What I'm trying to do is have extension 10 answer all incoming calls if possible. If line 1 is busy it transfers to line 2 (via phone company) and will ring and be answered by extension YY. If they don't answer or that line is also busy, then it will transfer to voicemail. (I guess it need to be able to go in reverse as well, ie if extension YY in on line 1, extension 10 can pick up the call on line 2)

I called the phone company and they can call forward on no answer which is what I need.

That being said, I am changing my general parameters back to "Key System", assigning line coverage extension for lines 1 & 2 to extension 10. Not using a "ASA" since lines will be covered by a person, but using a Partner Voice Messaging PC Card for all non answered calls.

Do I need to use any Hunt Group for those lines? Do I need to have any delayed ring?

Line 3 will be a designated fax to Hunt group 8 with its own extension and line 4 will be a going to a different business with line coverage to extension 11 and it's own voice messaging.

Thanks for any insight you might have.
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