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Ok, I have everything up and running and have one issue still. It has to do with the Partner voice messaging system. I have only one mailbox set up for extension 10, which has call coverage for both lines 1 & 2 (which the phone company has in a hunting group.) I get a busy signal if both lines are busy (on active calls), however, I'm getting a strange attendant message I think from the phone company rather than my system when someone is leaving a voicemail and another call goes unanswered and thus tries to go to voicemail. I'm assuming the voicemail system can only record one message at a time.

I'm wondering how to allow two calls to go to voicemail at the same time with this setup. Do I need to initialize another mailbox somehow? How do I have it cover with the hunting for both lines 1 & 2?

Any help would be appreciated.
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