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I have both ext 78 & 79 in Hunt Group 7. The phone company does not have the features above on the line except as it pertains to their hunting. Whether this is creating an issue I don't know. I have the mailbox system initialized for 2 mailboxes, one of which is being used for a different phone number completely, leaving only 1 for this issue. We've tried the three simultaneous call check and that's how we know that the second voicemail is not picking up but the third call gets a busy signal. The only hunt group assigned is 7 for the answering system. There are no other extensions in hunt groups. I have lines 1 & 2 in line coverage (owned) on extension 10 but am not using a "call coverage" feature. The lines can be answered by any extension in the office, I just don't have them ringing on those phones. I have automatic VMS Cover assigned only to ext 10 with a cover ring of 4.
If it is allowed or agreeable with you, It might be easier to discuss over the phone. Let me know if you have anymore insight. Thanks.
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