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Hi Bill,
That commenting feature is awesome!! I will have to go through my vectors and place a comment where appropriate.. Thanks for that tip..

I made the changes and added what you suggested. I still am losing the call when the option is selected. Am I missing something; I have pated my new vector below for your review.

Number: 22 Name: MSC_Announcemen
Multimedia? n Attendant Vectoring? n Meet-me Conf? n Lock? n
Basic? y EAS? n G3V4 Enhanced? y ANI/II-Digits? y ASAI Routing? y
Prompting? y LAI? n G3V4 Adv Route? y CINFO? y BSR? n Holidays? y
Variables? n 3.0 Enhanced? n
01 wait-time 2 secs hearing silence
02 collect 10 digits after announcement 5733
03 queue-to split 10 pri h

04 # Annc for BP Xfer
05 Collect 1 digits after announcement 5744
06 # Step for BP Xfer
07 goto step 19 if digits = 5
08 announcement 5707
09 wait-time 10 secs hearing music
10 announcement 5708
11 wait-time 10 secs hearing music
12 announcement 5743
13 wait-time 10 secs hearing music
14 announcement 5709
15 wait-time 20 secs hearing music
16 announcement 5711
17 wait-time 2 mins hearing music
18 goto step 6 if unconditionally
19 route-to number 5780 with cov y if unconditionally
19 stop

5780 is the virtual extension that I created which points to:
Cov pat 28 which points to:
Coverage remote entry 2

If I dial 5780 from a CM phone I get the coverage tone and the call transfers as intended; when I dial into the call center from my mobile phone and press 5 after the announcement the call gets disconnected.
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