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Default CS1K DECT issues.

latest DECT issues list, issues with Design.

Issues and questions:

CS1k CPE - After installing DMC dectmanager on a windows 7 client, the dect manager cold not synchronize with the DMC card in the CS1000E.

Base stations in DMC DECT Manager have duplicated RPN numbers
A customer has a DMC DECT system (MGXPEC based) with more than 16 cards (2 shelves configuration). Some base stations shown in the list in DMC DECT manager have the same rpn. May be a DMC DECT Manager bug (Avaya side).

SR# , PDGR site – DAP doesn’t recover after reboots.
The damage DAP is rebooting once, then it is good for 2-3 day. Then the same one is rebooting again and good for 1-2 days.
The DAP will reboot more and more in ever shorter intervals until the DAP is only reboots and never runs stable.
Awaiting feedback from R&D

SR# CS1000 rls 7.5 Sip Dect Campon problem
CS1K PEP in progress -The patch will provide configurable delay in Customer data block (0 / 2 / 4 or 8 sec for all SIP Line clients).

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