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Default Troubleshooting


I am sorry to hear that. There could be some configuration mismatch or software difficulty either on the phones or Communication Manager. Somemthings to try:

1) try disabling the TTS ( se the "Near End Establishes TCP Signaling Socket? " to N on the ip-network-region form, page 2 of the network-region the phones should be registered to.

2) search for denial events in the Communication Manager (using displaly events form and filter for the extension you tried to login).

3) a network wireshark trcae will show the RAS messages between the phone and the gatekeeper.

4) List trace ras (with IP address of the phone). Do you see any difficulty? Maybe you could paste it here and that might help

if the difficulty is still there after SP7, I suggest contacting Avaya support team and opening a ticket. Some details that would help:

a) A wireshark trace of the phone from a complete reboot of the phone to login a station and then loggoff and then try to login again where the difficulty is present then.

b) A list trace ras on the Communication Manager SAT interface.
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