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Question 9620L Handset not functional after upgrade to 3.2.1 software

I'm not a telephony guy, but I have updated the software on the 46xx and 96xx almost as frequently as they have been made available and I've never had any difficulty.

I'm currently having a freezing issue reported to me for at least 2 phones that *might be the same as referenced in to the release notes for the 9620L software v3.2.1 but after updating the software to this version I can no longer hear anything from the handset but the headset and speakerphone still work.

I reproduced this in 2 sites (Ontario Canada and Nevada USA) on a total of 5-10 phones but the result is the same every time.

Rolling back to software v3.2.0 fixes the handset but the freezing is still not resolved.

Please help?
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