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Thank you for your reply!

It looks like you have given me a break in this issue. Gives me some relief and some guidance. I did everything you said.

Back in the User Rights in our Main configuration, I copied the User Rights LD Math: id 75 and paste it inside that same User Right table and named it INTL MATH 179 like you said and, for testing purposes I put myself inside there.

Inside the Short codes for this User Right, I found 8N | **75N | Dial | 99001 and changed the **75(ARS ID)N to the *XX(New ARS ID entry for INTL MATH)N so it looks like 8N | **XXN | Dial | 99001 and so on for each short code inside this user right.*

Now, I can make inside calls with no issues.* When I try to do anything with the ARS, that is by dialing dial 8, and out to any other outside number, it says incompatible...... I wonder if I am missing short codes inside the Shortcode tab on the left list menu. I see Short Codes for the other **ARS ID entries in the ARS except for the new one I created.....

For visual help the shortcodes look like this, for my area code I'll use 330 for example and 400 as another location's area code, also where is the Line group ID coming from?:

Code | Telephone number | Feature | Line Group ID
**75XXXXXXX | 330N | Dial | 75: MATH
**75911 | 911 | dial | 75: MATH
**75330XXXXXXX | 330N | dial | 75: MATH
**751XXXXXXXXXX | 1N | dial | 75: MATH
**751400XXXXXXX | 1400 N | dial | 75: MATH

Should I copy all this shortcodes and change the 75 for the new ARS ID?
If so, what does the INTL dialing looks like?

Thanks for all you do.
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