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Originally Posted by nguye99 View Post
hi all,

I'm exploring about IPOCC, i had just deployed IPOCC with IPO500v2, IPOCC 9.0.3,...but i don't understand IPOCC's operator such as: when we have a incomming call, how to IPOCC process it? what are connector between IPOCC, IP Office 500v2, databas,etc and so much about IPOCC.
The IPO transfers the call into the IPOCC via a SIP extension. When viewed in System Status, it will look like your SIP extension has X call appearances active (where X is the number of calls in queue). The IPOCC has a CTI connection to the IPO to monitor station availability, and transfers the call out to the agent when available.

IPOCC uses a shortcode to route into a specific Topic. So for topic 701 and SIP extension 699, a shortcode like 7XX using 699|>>. will pass 701 into IPOCC across extension 699 and you will see the call in IPO System Status on extension 699 as well as the queue for 701. Once an agent is available, then the IPOCC transfers the call directly to the agent. Call Detail records outside IPOCC will show the flow as Incoming Number -> SIP Extension -> Agent.

Basically the Group "brains" have been pulled out of the IPO and put into a separate server called IPOCC, so all logic for queuing and routing is done in the IPOCC. The agent extensions on the IPO are merely endpoints for the transferred call from IPOCC.

Hope this helps.
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