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We created a Configuration Set for Confirmed Answer with 10-second delay. This allows the recipient to touch # on the target mobile phone to accept the call, or simply ignore it. If it's ignored, the call will be returned the voicemailbox for the desktop phone, NOT to the voicemailbox of the mobile phone.

I'm not the one who set this up, so I may not be able to answer any questions, but here are the settings. I believe the Confirmed Answer and Timeout entry are the ones that deviate from the default configuration:

Config Set: 4
Config Set Desc: ConfirmedAnswer10sec
Calling Number Style: network
CDR for Origination: phone-number
CDR for Calls to EC500 Destination: y
Fast Connect on Origination: n
Post Connect Dialing Options: dtmf
Cellular Voice Mail Detection: none
Barge-In Tone: n
Calling Number Verif: y
Call Appearance Selection for Origination: primary-first
Confirmed Answer?: y Timeout (seconds): 10
Use Shared...Second Call Answered?: n
Use Shared...Second Call Initiated?: n

Speaking for myself, I truly appreciate this feature, because having that option to skip a work-related call when I'm not working or not on-call is a huge benefit. It gives me a little kick to feel less tethered!

I hope someone finds this useful.
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