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Solution Delivered Do you have an Avaya Business Partner?

There are lots of old timers out there who have worked on those systems. The difficulty is finding them. I would start with your BP assuming that you have one. Do you have the manuals? That will be a big help.

If you have inherited an unsupported system as I assume, you need to be sure that you can get into your switch with a copy of ASA. Avaya has the ability to shut you out of your PBX if you arent paying for support.

If you have a support contract, you can sak them for one of their "old timers." There are also support firms that offer support for older systems. Be resigned, however, that you will not get additional licenses should you need to expand.

The nice thing about Definity/Intuity was that you could add both a phone and voicemail at same time.
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