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Default office caller ID

What’s New in EC500 Release 3
office caller ID - Calls can now be made from the EC500 cell phone to the switch
and appear as internal extension calls on the switch

Calls can be made to any number from the Extension to Cellular cell phone. The cell phone
functions as both:
● a standard cell phone and
● an office extension when a call is made into the office switch.

When an Extension to Cellular call is made from the cell phone to a number within the same office switch as the caller, the call is extended out of the Avaya server running Communication Manager to alert the called telephone. If this server is administered to send calling number information, the called telephone receives that information. You can administer the Extension to Cellular cell phone to send office caller ID instead of the cell phone information. This administration allows the cell phone call to the switch to appear as a local extension on the switch.

When an Extension to Cellular call is made on the cell phone:

● the office telephone status shows both the Extension to Cellular status and the regular station status. It shows both the port used on the outbound trunk group and the other connected port.
● any other station linked to the call as part of a bridge or temporary bridge can bridge onto the cell phone call.
● the office name and number associated with the cell phone appears as the caller ID within the same switch.

When a user answers a call with a cell phone, Communication Manager treats the call like a local answer of a physically-connected station.

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