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Default Receiving calls

Receiving calls
Extension to Cellular is a solution for delivering office calls to a cell phone or SIP phone through the Avaya server running Communication Manager.
With Extension to Cellular, when a call is made to an office number with a mapped phone, the call is extended out of the Avaya server running Communication Manager to alert the outside phone. When the Extension to Cellular user has the Extension to Cellular Calls Allowed field set to none (see Figure 5: Stations with Off-PBX Telephone Integration screen, page 2 on page 44), Extension to Cellular calls are not delivered.
If the Avaya server running Communication Manager is administered to send calling number information, that information is presented to the outside phone. When the outside phone answers the call, Communication Manager treats it like a local answer of a physically-connected station, and the following is true:

● Status of the station shows both the Extension to Cellular status and the regular station status. It shows both the port used on the outbound trunk group and the other connected port.

● Any office number busy indicators tracking the station light up to show that it is busy.

● Any other station linked to the call as part of a bridge or temporary bridge is able to bridge on to that call.

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