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Default Embeding the URL for that particular recording in Contact recorder

Hello Team,


One of our BP has a query :

When a call is received and recorded in IPOCC/ Contact Recorder using the Salesforce CRM Plugin, At this time a Salesforce interaction will be popped from Salesforce, additional to the Plugin. It will be the customer account Screen matching the CLI of the caller for example. The IPOCC agent will make notes about the call within the interaction
Once the call is finished we need to also embed the URL for that particular recording in Contact recorder into the customer interaction record within Salesforce?
The use would be: agents returning to a previous interaction window in Salesforce for the customer account would be able to select that URL to play it back within Contact Recorder.
How can we get this to work, it was demoed to the customer with a resource from Avaya, who is no longer with Avaya, so we know in concept that this works”

We did investigation from our end and responded saying that :
Please note that we tested this in our lab and we were not able to get the URL for that particular recording in Contact recorder.
Following is the link to Search and Replay page of Contact Recorder, if you go to viewing results tab it will provide a snapshot which shows a tab Original tab which will just give the file name used by Voicemail Pro when transferring the file to Contact Recorder. Using this you can just get the details of the file and then use this to find the recording in Contact Recorder:
Could anyone give a confirmation on this!


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