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Default AACC 6.3 SP8 Get/Set Intrisics and Contact Data

Hi all,

We are trying to schedule a callback (with OI) with an automated agent popup.

We create a new customer with some contact data.

We would like to have a popup in the AAAD, but we can only create popup based on the intrinsics, and the data that we would like to use is a custom CONTACT DATA.

So we have made a Outbound Script which
- get the contact data (assign CONTACT DATA "dataName" to cv_customData)
- use the webservice ContactService.setIntrinsicByName in order to create an intrinsic with cv_customData

The intrinsic is created, but the issue is that we cannot get the CONTACT DATA.
If we check in the AAAD in "Custom Fields" in the tab "Contact" I can see my value, but in the intrinsics, the value of the same field is "BAD or INVALID KEY NAME".
We have made a log on cv_customData and the value is "BAD or INVALID KEY NAME"..
If I try to get a "default" contact data (assign CONTACT DATA CONTACTID to cv_customData) it is working. So the issue seems to be linked to the custom contact data.

Do you have an idea of what to do to get it? Or what to do to create an automated popup based on Contact Data?

In advance thanks for your help!
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