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Default AACC6.2 webadmin page issues

Have a networked site that needs to be rebooted everyday, due to the issue of webadmin page going to "default.asp" rather than "launchPad.asp". the reboot clears the issue for one day. Was waiting to duplicate issue as site rebooted and its working today. Was going to see if AACC can be pinged from manager PC ? is it being networked blocked ? or multicast being disabled ?. Also was going to see is I could put my PC directly on ELAN and login when issue was happening.

I was here 1 1/2 years ago and rebooted for same issue but that seemed to clear it, now its every 24 hours.

Services not running after overnight: Application Experience, Diagnostic System Host, SymposiumWC, Win HTTP Proxy Auto-Discovery Service. One service was running when no Webadmin access was allowed but not after reboot, "virtual Disk".

Has anyone experienced this ?

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