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Default Directory Issue

Can anyone help
We have recently got in a Avaya 1416 and 9504 to test on our IP Office
We found the screens didn't display correctly so have since done a update and all is well

Are normal standard phone is a 5410 which we have setup a DIR soft button that ran the built in internal Directory action

On the newer 1416 & 9504 there is a dedicated contacts button and our soft button DIR shows as invalid

If you press the invalid button it flashes green 3 times but doesn't work
If you switch back to a 5410 and press the directory button it no longer displays correctly, you do not see the second set of options Index, group, external labels ( you still see the top level Line 1 Line 2 and DIR )
But the buttons do run the command
Its like the top three buttons are frozen on the screen
They also happen to be the default buttons we have set in the phone system with padlocks ( not sure if this is related )
Has anyone seen this happen, its not a big issue as we now know about it and can avoid it by removing the soft DIR button before a newer phone is issued.
But two extensions are now doing this, both are ones where the invalid button was pressed
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