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Solution Delivered All SAL Gateway releases - SHA-1 certificates expire at the end of 2016

PSN # PSN004539u
SAL Gateway does not support SHA-2 certificates; causes complete remote access failure.
(Upgrade steps for System Platform 6.2 and later were greatly simplified in issue 8.)
(Issue 9 was updated with information on the latest service packs.) As previously announced, the SHA-1 certificates expire at the end of 2016. To provide a buffer for possible unforeseen issues, Avaya has scheduled the change to SHA-2 certificates to occur on December 14, 2016. After that date all SAL Gateways not SHA-2 compliant will become inoperable. As of this publish date, 90% of SAL Gateway managed elements are behind a SHA-2 compliant SAL Gateway.

For more details:

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