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Arrow Hooking up an answering machine to the phone

An answering machine will function when connected to a station jack alone or connected to a station jack where a phone is also connected using an adapter, model 267f2. If necessary, it may also be connected directly to a station port or bridged onto a line port at the cu. See below for a more expanded description.
Using the 267f2 adapter the cord with 4 copper wires plugs into the phone. The cord with copper wires plugs into the single line device (fax, answering machine, modem), both cords then plug into the adapter. The Adapter plugs into the wall jack (you may want to assign auto privacy to fax and modem lines) as follows:
  1. Auto extension privacy-feature 0 0
  2. Press left intercom twice
  3. Dial #304
  4. Dial an extension number (10-57) partner II R4.1/ (10-33) Partner Plus
  5. Dial 1 = Assigned
  6. 2 = Not Assigned
  7. press 0 0 to exit
  8. To assign privacy to a button...
  9. Press 0 0
  10. Press left intercom twice
  11. Press a programmable button with lights
  12. Press feature 0 7
  13. Press feature 0 0 to exit programming
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