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Default 96xx VPN over L2TP/IPSec?

Hello, I recently set up a 9641G over a 'pure' IPsec tunnel using pfsense. It was easy to configure and it worked flawlessly.

A different office wants to use their 96xx VPN phone to connect to thier office, but they are using a Cisco Meraki firewall. The Meraki only seems to support L2TP/IPSec for it's VPN tunnels. I've confirmed the tunnel working on other clients(PC/cellphone), but cannot get the IP phone to connect to the tunnel.

The error on the phone is:
Phase 1 No Response
Can anyone confirm whether it's possible to connect an Avaya VPN phone to a L2TP/IPSec tunnel? I've tried several different configurations but it's hard to test each one since it takes several mins to reboot, load, fail, reconfig, rinse/repeat. Thanks in advance for any reply.

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