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That's the only VPN I've ever tried to connect to and it's always worked, phase 1 no response means it can't reach the IP of the VPN gateway, are you sure the phone has internet access? Are you sure the IP settings are correct?

It used to be a headache for me to get these phones working over a VPN, change a few settings on the phone touchpad and reboot hoping it'd work, trying to understand the cryptic messages that it would spit out, trying to verify that the keys are all correct when you're typing them in one character at a time with a dial pad. Eventually it gets easier, plus if you install an HTTP server on a computer you can have the phone pull firmware and the 46xxsettings.txt file so you don't need to keep manually entering the data. I now keep a folder of 46xxsettings.txt files for every customer with their own VPN settings, that way I can just boot up a phone from my laptop and know it has the correct setup.
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