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Solution Delivered How's thisw for a Workaround?

Originally Posted by agronw View Post
thanks, but the extensions already exist.
I would need to remove each "old" extension, replace it by a vdn that points to a vector. But I want to avoid the work. Therefore I am looking for a generic way (something like intercept treatment, but with more logic behind).
It would be easy if there was a way to use the called number in a vector... Is there any workaround?

You are such a slacker Andre. Everyone knows that all we "Phone Geeks" do is sit around, drink coffee, and dream up new "toys" to add to the capital budget!

Have you thought about doing an import? After you remove the old extensions with "Find and Replace," build an import file in Excel. Then you can use the power of that fine product to automate most of the build.

ExtensionNative NameVector Number/PRT NumberVAR 1 DescriptionVAR 1 Assignment3003001 New Extension3000
A2 is the Ext list
B2 is A2, A3, ect.
C2 is the single vector that will run these
D2 is the text you want and copy down the column
E3 is =CONCATENATE(A2,0) or however you want to build the new number.
save it as a .cvs or .txt

I'm using ASA 6. I would recommend that you get to at least that before you start. The data import tool is quite good and there is a context based help file. As always do a full back-up before you start. Does that help?

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