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Hello! Please see my other thread on Tek-Tips for a basic rundown of the config for IPO+pfsense.

AFAIK, L2TP is not supported, only 'pure' IPSec. I dropped the pfsense box in as a replacement for the Meraki.

Assuming the Meraki can properly pass the protocols for IPSec, I don't see why you couldn't use the pfsense box 'behind' the meraki... Having said that, I tore my hair out at the limited configuration options I got with the meraki, and so you may have trouble doing it that way. I'd post to the pfsense forums/IRC to get their input on pfsense as a VPN only endpoint behind something like Meraki.

Pfsense is a VERY solid platform; Meraki is pretty but I found it to be quite limited. Both the site from this post and my 9-5's site have been running 24/7 since these posts, without issue on pfsense. I'd try to get it running by itself, then once confirmed working place it behind the meraki and try to get IPSec passthrough working.
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