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Default one-x agent


CM R015x.
IP_Agent 9
Call Center Release: 5.0
one-x Agent SP:2.5.20020.0
Agent logon using one-x agent with virtual station and agent extension (roadwarrior)
Agents have assigned skills with RONA functionality.

We are receiving complains from our clients that are geo spread over a world that from time to time they are not able to receive (pick up/answer) an incoming call. They said that one-x agent application is hanging. It is a little bit strang because so far we have checked just few one-x agent logs where we can see that one-x was ringing for 24sec after that call was disconnected (RONA). Agents are saying that they were pressing - pick up a call - but there was no response from one-x agent side. From logs we saw that thay try to pick up a call but a sec after a call was disconnected. That is probably why one-x popup appears - Operation Failed - Answer Call Failed.

Because it happens from time to time we are not able to reproduce a problem or set a trace on CM.

I have few questions:
a) does anyone face similar problem. how was it solved.
b) is there any unofficial doc describing how to inteprate one-x agent log files
c) what other things we can check (windows logs, any spec info from logs)
d) is it possible to check DSCP on PC for one-x signalling and RTP?

Even we see in one-x log file that softphone was ringing for 24sec is it possible that app lost connection with CLAN?
Because of geo location of one-x agents there is of course small delay but i do not believe it is more than 10-50ms. When we ping endpoints from clan it is less than 10ms.

One more thing. Lets assume below scenario:
Incoming call from PSTN (country A) -->ACM (country B) -->geo located agent (other country)
RONA is set for 3 rings. Are those 3 rings the 3 rings that called hear or the 3 rings from ACM to one-x station? If it is the first one (called) then i believe that the one-x agent has less that 3 rings to answer a call? is that true? In a log file i saw 24 sec, how it can be explained? - There is no so big delay between caller and Agent.

Thank You for any response and help.

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