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Default Are you using a SIP Trunk

If you have already checked your COR to make sure the 800 number is allowed then read the following:

If you are using a SIP trunk test, it may restrict a call on their 800 network if the caller id is not a native DID on the SIP trunk. SIP trunks require at least a valid caller id to make an 800 # call. Sometimes it may require that number to be native depending on how you have your service set up.

Try making a non 800 number call from the same vdn/vector combo with a test step that will route a call to your desk phone or your cell phone. Also make sure that on your ARS table the call would take the same route as the 800 # call. Create a test route if you need to and point the digit analysis of your desk phone or cell phone to that test route. If the call goes through, check the caller id so that you can use it later to see if that number allows you to use that number to make an 800 call on that network.

Now change your public unknown numbering to the number you received on the caller id on the avaya extension you will be using to make the 800 number test call. You can now do a lis tra sta on your station and test it as if the vdn was making an outbound call.
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