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Originally Posted by afella View Post
* SYS version : (V3_1_0_36)
* P/N : 43211-00007 --------> How to check if this is: MCU or SMB edition, 720 or not?
You need to upgrade that Software Version to 8.3.x .. you will need a new license - go to PLDS and try to generate a new one. If you need help with that please contact the Sales Person that took care of the contract , your Account Manager or raise an IT Ticket at

It should say MCU or SMB, 720 or not in that list of licenses enabled in the endpoints web interface.

Originally Posted by afella View Post

XT Desktop Server:
* Version: (XTD_8_3_SP1)

My Diagnostics -> Utilities page shows only:
* Customer Support Package : Create new log file
* Advanced Tools : Start Netlog, Stop Netlog, Download Netlog captured files
Well maybe because of your version. Don't get concern about this so much. if you do the update it will keep you configuration. It is just advisable to do the back, not quit mandatory, not in our case.

So what I recommend to take care of your problem is:

  1. Make sure you know what licenses you have accuired !
  2. Generate new license on PLDS for your XT5000
  3. Make the software update to 8.3 - you can download it from PLDS
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