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Default Version SD card- a chassis works with one but not another sd card- why?

We have a medical office that has a Partner Version 6.1. Everything was working great until they added some new sets. The intercom buttons did not show up on the new sets. So we reformatted their SD card and upgraded them to a 7.0 license. Everything fine until we added 2 more sets and the same issue showed up on the 2 new sets. So we took their programming info to our office, bought a new Partner Version 7.0 SD card and upgraded it to 7.0. 27. Then we manually programmed, in manager, all the features our customer had on their old SD card on to the new SD card while plugged into a spare chassis that was in our office. We tested it the new SD card on our in our house chassis and it worked fine. We took the brand new working SD card to our customer site and plugged it into their chassis and immediately we get an error that sais a license is required. The SD card worked fine in our test chassis in our office. The customer had no other licenses on its old SD card. The new SD card the 7.0 license. Why are we getting this error? This took 5 man hours, and we have one unhappy customer. Why canít we just plug 2 phones in and have it work?
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