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Default SIP Call routing

Hi All,

I've got a challenge at a customers site with 3 different systems with a IP office in the middle.

System A: Ascom nursing system
System B: Avaya IP Office
System C: Broadsoft PBX at HQ

The Avaya is in the middle and connected with SIP trunks to both other systems. It's not possible to create a SIP trunk between the Ascom system and the Broadsoft PBX.

Situation I have created is the following:

System A -------SIP------>System B----------SIP-------->System C

Following is working correct:

Call from System A to B = OK
Call from System B to A = OK
Call from System B to C = OK
Call from System C to B = OK

Call from System C to A = NOT OK!

SIP URI on the LIne between system B and C is filled with * so system will route icomming calls with a match in the 'Incomming Call Route' table. This table is filled with an empty field 'Incomming Number'. Within the Destination field I use a shortcode to route those calls to the second SIP trunk. (Trunk between system A and B)

Unfortunatedly the shortcode is not allpied at the right way. So incomming calls are not routed to the second trunk at all.. What am I doing wrong? I see the shortcode is used in the user part of the SIP URI....

Shortcode: 4xx, dial, 4N, line 17

When call comes in to extension I see to Header:

Outgoing SIP URI to line 17 is: 4xx@ (IMHO this must be 473@

Hope you can help me folks!

Many thanks in advance.