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Hello Bill and Richa,
I have verified that the COR on the VDN is setup correctly. I performed the following tests:

I called into the call center from my extension and rather than use the virtual extension, I used the toll-free number; that call went through without a hitch. Then I called into the call center using my mobile phone and after pressing "5" the call drops.

When I use the virtual extension the call process seems to get stuck when going to step 20 which is the transfer out to the toll free number.

The reason I have the steps in the beginning of the vector is so that I can test it quickly without having to listen to all of the announcements. This is on a live system so my window is limited. I pretty much inherited this system and have learned most of what I know from helpful folks like you and some vendors I have a good relationship with. You have no idea how much I appreciate your taking the time out to help me with this issue. This options will allow our callers to be transferred to another service we have so that they will not have to wait in queue so long.

I am going to try to create a Testing VDN/Vector that will have the same steps as the one I am trying to get working so as to be able to test this better.

Number: 22 Name: MSC_Announcemen
Multimedia? n Attendant Vectoring? n Meet-me Conf? n Lock? n
Basic? y EAS? n G3V4 Enhanced? y ANI/II-Digits? y ASAI Routing? y
Prompting? y LAI? n G3V4 Adv Route? y CINFO? y BSR? n Holidays? y
Variables? n 3.0 Enhanced? n
01 wait-time 2 secs hearing silence
02 collect 10 digits after announcement 5733 {{sends input digits to agent}}
03 queue-to split 10 pri m

04 # Annc for BP Xfer
05 Collect 1 digits after announcement 5744 {{1 choice given}}
06 # Step for BP Xfer
07 goto step 20 if digits = 5
08 wait-time 2 secs hearing silence
09 announcement 5707 {{these are just informational annc and change from time to time}}
10 wait-time 10 secs hearing music
11 announcement 5708
12 wait-time 10 secs hearing music
13 announcement 5743
14 wait-time 10 secs hearing music
15 announcement 5709
16 wait-time 20 secs hearing music
17 announcement 5711
18 wait-time 2 mins hearing music {{we were getting complaints about repeating annc and were asked to play music longer}}
19 goto step 4 if unconditionally
20 route-to number 5780 with cov y if unconditionally
21 stop


Event Event Event Event First Last Evnt
Type Description Data 1 Data 2 Occur Occur Cnt

31 Dial-ahead discarded 22/12 33FD 04/06/17:53 04/17/15:27 15
31 Dial-ahead discarded 22/13 27F6 04/11/11:07 04/17/13:14 5
31 Dial-ahead discarded 22/7 26FA 04/13/08:42 04/17/13:03 12
31 Dial-ahead discarded 22/9 2BAF 04/15/11:42 04/17/13:54 3
31 Dial-ahead discarded 22/14 1AFE 04/16/11:29 04/17/10:55 7
81 No digits collected 22/7 2D7A 04/16/15:37 04/17/14:14 26
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