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Hello ghao,

you won't see anything more in the list trace of the trunk, even with a working installation of one-X Mobile. I already checked this with a colleague.

I recently figured out the following: when you license a user on the one-X Mobile, there is supposed to be an entry in the off-pbx-telephone station-mapping for his particular extension...its supposed to look like this:

(warning: This isn't a copy from my installation, it's supposed to give you an idea)

Station Application Dial CC Phone Number Trunk Config Dual
Extension Prefix Selection Set Mode
1020 ONE-X - 0001020 80

1020 is the extension
0001020 is the Phone Number the one-X Mobile it trys to create the calls for (here the extension 1020)
80 is the trunk number to the one-X Mobile

It seems to vary how many zero's are infront of the extension. But what you see here is some sort of loopback for the one-X Mobile to callback the extension through the particular trunk (in this case 80).

This entry, for some reason, won't be created in my CM installation. The only thing I get is a similar entry for mobilephones, but without an entry for the trunk. So I can't trick the one-X Mobile to send my station any calls.

I opened up a ticket for this case, since I can't see any error from my side. This is my second installation of the same system, and the same error occured again.
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