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Based on the commands you posted, is Server3 tagging VLANs 100 and 200 on the NICs connecting to Stack1?

Also, you said port 1/2 will be on vlan 100 only ... but the config has the port set to tag VLANs 100 and 200.

Is Stack2 already connected to Stack1 with an IST? I don't see MLT & IST commands listed.

To simplify things, can you temporarily remove Stack2?

Originally Posted by trenau View Post
This was done on factory-restored switches. See diagram for details.

Ports 1/1,1/2,1/21 will be on vlan 100 only.
Ports 1/23-24,2/23-24 will be configured for MLT/IST and need to be on vlan 2, 100, and 200.
Ports 1/2-6,2/2-6 will be configured with multiple SMLTs and need to be on vlan 100,200

I run a ping command on workstation, pinging server 3, and works perfectly. I type in the commands, in this order on stack 1:

vlan create 2 name type port
vlan create 100 name type port
vlan create 200 name type port
vlan port 1/2,2/2,1/23-24,2/23-24 tag enable
vlan mem add 100 1/2,2/2,1/21,1/23-24,2/23-24
vlan mem add 200 1/2,2/2,1/23-24,2/23-24
vlan mem add 2 1/23-24,2/23-24
vlan mem rem 1 1/1-2,2/1-2,1/21,1/23-24,2/23-24

as soon as I type the last command, I loose communication with server 3. I suspect tagging to be the issue, but I’m not exactly sure how to fix the issue as I don’t have a complete understanding of how tagging works…any suggestions?
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