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First question what is your current VLAN Control Setting? (depending on switch type/revision: show vlan configcontrol)

From what I can see in your configuraiton, the workstation is an access port that is supposed to be in VLAN 100.

It's added to VLAN 100 and then removed from VLAN 1 later. Depending on your configcontrol your pvid may be incorrect, which is a crucial thing to check: (again depending on switch type/revision: show vlan interface info 1/21) In your case the PVID should be 100. If it's not set it so via:

con t
vlan ports 1/21 pvid 100

moving on...

I'm assuming your server 3 is properly configured on the switchside (despite the lack of configuration here) as well as on the server side. If you are in need of assistance, there is a TCG posted on the support site for the ERS portfolio that walks through the settings for numerous server nic providers.

In this case can I also assume that the server is tagging an Address with a VID of 100 as well?

If not then you will also need to make sure that you are providing a routing interface. Since server 3 is in numerous vlans, there is no way without enabling routing to cross these vlan segments. If it's configured, it's not shown in your post.

Based on your input, it seems that the workstation and Server 3 are set up for access on the server side and communicating over vlan 1, thus they stop working when you type that last command.
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