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Default I hope they don't

To start with I hope AACC doesn't start reporting on secondary scripts, as I often use a primary application/script just to get the stats for a certain type of call and all of the routing is in the secondary. This is really design intent and I don't see it changing. Besides think of the confusion if you have multiple secondary scripts.

CDN per email address makes this still work in the contact router environment. I am guessing that is more work than they will want to do. I am not clear on the needs (how often this changes, how many changes, how many email addresses are in use, etc.) so it is difficult to give much direction on this.

The point of the master script is to route calls to the appropriate point for routing the contact and for reporting on the contact. By using contact router for the master script you take away so many opportunities to have intelligent routing (for what can only be described as the opposite). I never use the contract router. I never tell a customer it is an option. Often people get stuck on "easy" at the expense of good reports, best practice, and flexibility.

In addition you can make the first section of the master script pretty simple (emulate a contact router scenario. They could make changes in that section. Any contact needed needing additional reporting could go through more complex master script code (like to use the email address to determine the application to use). This would not have to the that hard. Create new application. Copy code from existing application. Add email address to where statement in master script, pointing it to the new application.

Is that more work than the contact router, yes. However you get the reporting you want an it is not a lot of work.
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