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what do you want to hear in an Avaya-Forum?

I have seen realy old Avaya (Nortel/Baystack)-Switches at our custumer Networks, but I have never seen so old Cisco-Switches.

At the Support-Pages from Cisco you have no problems to download a new IOS / FW.This is the main difference to the the Avaya-Page. You need days to download a new Avaya-FW because you always get an "Gateway Timeout" that replaces the "http error" from last year :-(
So you have to try the download and than you can visit your customer, because it is nearly impossible to download the files at the customer location. (customer with SW maintenance contract!)
I have never seen such problems at any other Support-Pages.

At the Avaya-Learning Pages you can see args Avaya vs other vendors.
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