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The answers on the linked page are absolute rubbish. I've not ONCE seen Cisco beat Avaya on TCO with comparable switches. I've not even seen Cisco beat Avaya on opex.

The real answer depends on what you want to do with the switches. If you are just looking for a regular ethernet switch that has a single VLAN, then there is nary a difference between every switch on the market.

If you are looking to deploy several VLANs including voice with QoS, then it depends on which vendor your voice is and what features you want. Cisco is going to have some perks with Cisco voice, but it can be argued that no voice works better than Avaya on Avaya data.

If you are deploying a full datacenter or MAN network and want to utilize fabric technologies for redundancy and resiliency, Avaya. No question on this one.
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