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Default Vector - where does it go?

Hi Everyone, am new to the Avaya world, but PBX saavy and VOIP saavy.

Avaya uses vectors to direct calls in ACD worlds, so I have a call comes in on an extension that points to a vector... that vector has some steps then passes to a step:

converse-on skill 67 pri m passing vdn and none

So, my first question is, what is skill 67? How do I look it up to see what the steps are, as it isn't a vector... since vector 67 has prompts, which we never hear...

So I'm trying to decide and find that skill 67.

Also, we have vectors that point to numbers which go to a 'faxbox'. I need to determine how those extensions get to that 'port' on the faxbox, but the extensions seem to just point to this skill... so am trying to find out how/where they end up (has to be a physical device somewhere, trying to find the physical device).

Am very new to Avaya, be gentle... have no idea what the commands are, and of course no manuals.

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