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Default Can't install new firmware package for 1600 series IP phones

CM 5.2.1. Try to install 16xx-IPT-H323-R1_3_1-093011.tar to S8300 from web interface:

Package 16xx-IPT-H323-R1_3_1-093011.i386.rpm FAILED to install.
package 16xx-IPT-H323-R1_30_0_B-111510 (which is newer than 16xx-IPT-H323-R1_3_1-093011) is already installed

Try to remove previous package from Linux CLI:
dadmin@ats> rpm -e 16xx-IPT-H323-R1_30_0_B-111510.i386
error: can't create transaction lock on /var/lock/rpm/transaction

It is written in «Downloading Avaya 46xx IP Telephone Software Using Avaya Media Servers» that we can execute rpm -e with super-user privileges, but it seems to me that I need root privileges.

Removing release.xml from tftpboot rm /tftpboot/release.xml also doesn't help.
I doesn't want copypast files to /tftpboot because there are problems with russian language in this case.

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