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Default IP Office 8.1.79 Embedded VM Cutting Off

Okay, so we are having issues with one of our Avaya IP Office 500v2 (last I checked, running 8.1.79) systems where voicemails are cutting off various parts of the message. In attempting to diagnose, I have, without fail, experienced the following two scenarios:

1. The first two seconds of the message is cut off, but the rest of the message is there.

2. The first second is there, but the subsequent 2 seconds are cut off before the rest of the message is recorded.

It does not matter which VM type the VM box is set to, as it will still yield one of the above two results on this particular IP Office 500v2.

I am looking for ideas to try that will get us fully functional in the short term that will buy me enough time to build a case in favor of moving our voicemail to VMPro.
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