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We are listening, but we are having difficulty trying to replicate the issues you are reporting in Firefox v14, IE v7, or Chrome v20:
  • In the Downloads and Documents page, when we select Downloads and enter "IP Office", we do see the ability to select a Release "8.1.x". That is an accurate release number.
  • When we click on "IP Office 8.1. Administration GA Release" in that result list, it brings up a brief description page and the 8.1.x Administration zip file link. When we click on that file, we get the File Download prompt.
  • When we cliick the Back Button at the top of the browser, it takes us back to the Downloads & Documents page with the Downloads search result.
We understand that your experience might be different, and we would like to help you; however to do that, we need to speak with you directly to get more information. Can you please send an email to with your contact information, so we can reach out to you and troubleshoot your issues in a one-to-one live session?
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