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The UC Module is quite awful, unless you have an HDMI monitor hooked up to it you really have no idea what it's doing during the install process and there's no easy way to make the thing work. I went through the entire install process yesterday and eventually I got a "USB Failure" message in System Status. Then the UC Module would no longer boot from the USB drive, I eventually dragged the IP Office to a large TV and hooked it up there to see what it was doing, I had to force it to boot USB and when I got that USB Failure message again the installer seemed like it locked up. After waiting about 10-15 minutes it eventually moved on and the progress bar started moving.

If the thing was easier to setup/troubleshoot or if it had a serial port on it (or even VGA, something that you can just hook up to any monitor in a typical server room) then MAYBE I'd consider using it, but as it is now it's still quite awful and you're way better off buying a dedicated server (even just a cheap Windows desktop machine running VM Pro would be much better.)
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