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Default AAEP and Announcement Ports


I'm not familiar with Announcement Ports on AAEP and I've got few concerns about them.

I will eppreciate if some of You could dispel my doubts

1. 1. Is it possible, to create conference in CCXML application using only announcement ports on AAEP.
AAEP is licensed only for announcement ports.
Flow might look like this:
party A calls ccxml application
ccxml app answers that call
ccxml app create outbound call to party B
if party B answers call, ccxml app plays a static message to party B and after that joins party A and party B
if party B didnít answer that call, ccxml app create outbound call to other party C.

It works fine if we have full AAEP ports. As far as there is no need to send DTMF in our call flow, but only play a message, can we achieve this having only announcement ports.

2. 2. If we have mix of full AAEP ports and announcement ports is it possible that given vxml/ccxml application runs only using one type of ports? Eg. We want Application X run using only announcement ports and Application Y using full AAEP ports.

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